Rob Pongsajapan

I build human-centered experiences through design, code, and data.


Craft sites for people

I'm passionate about HTML, CSS, Python, information architecture, user-centered design, and writing for the web. It's important to me that people connect with the sites I build—not just technically but emotionally.

Tell stories about data

At Georgetown University, I process, analyze, and explain the data produced by the 120,000+ students who have taken massive open online courses (MOOCs) through GeorgetownX, a partnership with edX.

Share knowledge

I've had the privilege of sharing my design & development skills and general enthusiasm for the web with colleagues and regularly work with students and faculty on academic and professional portfolios.

Web Projects

Global Engagement

  • Design
  • Bootstrap

I worked with a team at the Berkley Center for Religion, Peace & World Affairs to design a site focused around a new Georgetown initiative. I designed and built a responsive site built on top of an existing Rails backend using the Bootstrap web framework.

Initiative on Technology-Enhanced Learning (ITEL)

  • Flask
  • Bootstrap
  • Github

I worked with a designer and two videographers to create/gather content for and develop a site showcasing faculty projects. The site was created using Bootstrap and Flask as a static site generator, making it easy to update and deploy.

Designing the Future(s)

  • WordPress
  • Bootstrap

I worked with a designer to create an initial WordPress child theme and have continued to iterate on the design and functionality of the site in conjunction with a cross-functional team from across the university.


GUx reports & insights

I regularly create reports for Georgetown's Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) teams detailing enrollment data, demographics, and engagement. I've also dabbled in text analysis of forum posts, survey analysis, and visualization of course activity.

Data preparation

Description of an edX data czar/analyst

As part of my "data czar" duties for Georgetown's MOOCs, I use Python, Django, and databases to automate the processing of a large amount of tracking log and courseware data from edX—and have written lots of documentation!

Student-centered analytics

Download the PDF

Coauthored with my colleague Anna Kruse at CNDLS, this short paper advocates that students—rather than institutions—should be the primary beneficiary of analytics generated from their own activities.


Faculty development

I work closely with faculty at Georgetown, helping them design and implement technology-enhanced learning experiments into their courses. Over the years, I've worked with faculty on projects ranging from creating exhibits around digital microscopy to integrating Wikipedia editing in classes.

Student mentorship

One of the best parts of working in academia has been the opportunity to work directly with students. At Georgetown, I've advised 150+ graduate and undergraduate students on their professionally-focused web portfolios. I also supervise the work of several graduate student associates at CNDLS.

Teaching & presentations

Over the years, I've presented sessions on information architecture, writing for the web, user-centered design, and learning analytics. I recently co-taught a course in the CCT graduate program and have served as a guest lecturer in the Georgetown MBA program and the Brookings Digital Government program.


Twitter: @pong

Instagram: @pongr

Github: rpongsaj

Email: rpongsaj